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Blue Envy Custom Scooter Build

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Blue Envy Custom Scooter Build

  • Oil Slick Envy Union Bars
  • Teal Envy TPR Grips
  • Oil Slick Envy Omen SCS Clamp
  • Chrome Envy Integrated Headset
  • Envy Raymond Warner Signature AOSV5 Deck
  • Oil Slick Envy Declare Fork
  • Blue/Black Envy Gap 120mm x 24mm Wheels
  • Green Glitter Vital Griptape

This scooter is essentially a duplicate of Raymond Warner's scooter build. Raymond has been a long time supporter of the oil slick movement in the scooter world and we all know that his favorite color is blue (hence the constant shades of blue on his signature decks). This scooter comes with all of the parts that Raymond is currently riding on his scoot including oil slick Envy Union bars, Raymond's signature Envy AOSV5 deck, blue Envy Gap wheels, Vital griptape and so much more. If you're looking at picking up a fresh custom build, let us know and we'll get you riding your dream scooter in no time!

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