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Custom Scooter Build - Jake Sorensen “Ron Burgundy”

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Custom Scooter Build - Jake Sorensen Crow

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  • 10.1 lbs
  • Ethic Merrow V2 Fork Black
  • Tilt Stage 1 Bars Black 24" wide x 28" tall
  • Aztek Jake Sorensen signature deck 6" x 23"
  • North Jonas Johnson signature wheels 110mm x 24mm
  • Black grip tape
  • Aztek flex brake
  • ODI Longneck burgundy grips
  • Odyssey Integrated headset black
  • Tilt Rigid SCS clamp black

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This custom scooter build is going to be one for the books. This scooter comes together incredibly well with the black and red themed color way. That being said, this is most definitely one of the beastliest scooters you'll see come out of our store. The deck is the all new Jake Sorensen signature Aztek deck which comes in at 6" wide x 23" long which makes it the biggest scooter deck in the world. We've also got some of the Jonas Johnson signature wheels from North on this scooter build which will definitely keep you rolling fast and smooth in the streets. The Tilt Stage 1 bar just had to go on this complete giving it that classic OG scoot look. SCS compression will make those Tilt Stage 1 bars last as long as you need them to. We didn't want to make this scooter too flashy, so we kept the plain black grip tape on there. All in all, this is a BEAST of a scooter. If you're looking to get probably the nicest scooter out there right now, snatch this Jake Sorensen Crow build today here at Scooter Zone. 

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