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Envy Scooter Stand

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Envy Scooter Stand

  • Plastic construction
  • Securely holds scooter in upright position
  • Compatible for up to 120mm x 26mm wheels
  • Black coating with Envy Scooters front logo
Taking care of your scooter is the secret to making it look good and last as long as possible. At the end of the day, just chucking your scooter on the side of the house or somewhere in the garage can lead to tons of nicks and dents all over your scooter, having it stomped on and/or stolen. Mom and Dad won't let you put it in the house because they don't want to trip over it either, which is why Envy has introduced their high quality scooter stand. This stand will hold your scooter securely in an upright position making it nice and neat after a long session at the park. Snatch one of these to make Mom and Dad as well as your scooter happy.

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