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'Red Bullet' Custom Build

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'Red Bullet' Custom Build

  • Weight: 9.42 lbs 
  • 22.8" wide x 28.4" tall Ethic DTC Dynasty V2 Bars
  • Standard outer bar diameter
  • Ethic Slyphe Clamp in Red with 6mm Bolts
  • IHC compression system
  • 83° head tube angle
  • 5.1 x 21 Root Industries AIR Shaun Williams Signature Deck
  • 110mm x 24mm French ID Wheels in Black/Black
  • High Speed Bullseye Bearings 
  • Root Industries R2 Grips in Red/Black Swirl
  • Black Ethic Pandora Deck Griptape
  • Fasen Bullet IHC Forks in Black
  • Aztek Headset in Ruby

The 'Red Bullet' Custom build is a great scooter for anyone looking to get something that can take them to the next level of scooter riding. This scooter is very well fitting to someone who is looking to get a scooter that is a step above a complete scooter and that is a unique color-way. This custom build is on the lighter side of scootering and also on the more inexpensive side of custom builds. It is a great option when looking to upgrade from the normal complete to something a bit more aftermarket and custom. This scooter is super strong yet versatile and nimble with its chromoly bars, its IHC compression system, and its smaller sized deck at 5.1 inches wide and 21 inches long. This scooter is super good for any kind of trick combos and variations at the skatepark and it could definitely ride in the streets just as good too. This thing is sure to be rolling smooth wherever you are because of its lightweight 110mm wheels. The 'Red Bullet' Custom scooter and it is even a great option for a first scooter! 

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