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'Spearmint' Custom Scooter Build

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'Spearmint' Custom Scooter Build

  • Ethic Pandora Deck
  • Envy 120mm x 26mm Delux Wheels
  • Envy Omen SCS Clamp
  • Prey Integrated Headset
  • Envy Thermal V2 Bars
  • Envy TPR Grips
  • Native Versa Fork
  • Envy Crab Griptape

Another dream scooter build built to be the 'best of both worlds' when it comes to street and park riding. This complete scooter has some seriously lightweight parts on it like the Ethic Pandora deck, Envy Delux wheels, Envy Thermal V2 Bars and the Native Versa fork. This scooter can withstand abuse whether it is on a ledge or a 10-foot quarter pipe at the skatepark. Get your next custom scooter build here at Scooter Zone.

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