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Aztek Circa V2 Fork HIC/SCS

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Aztek Circa V2 Fork HIC/SCS

  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Only 163 grams in weight
  • Aluminum construction
  • Up to 110mm x 24mm wheel compatible
  • HIC/SCS compression compatible
  • All necessary hardware included
  • Available in black, ruby, aqua and ivory color options

The Aztek Circa fork is THE lightest scooter fork in the world at only 163 grams! Its narrow fork legs are the secret to this fork's lightweight design. But don't be fooled, that doesn't take away from the reliability of this fork. The super thick fork tube is compatible with SCS and/or HIC compression. The sleek design is the perfect look for the minimalist scooter rider. If you want to save some SERIOUS weight on your scooter, grab the Aztek Circa V2 Fork! Available in black, aqua, ruby & ivory!

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