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Bullseye ABEC 7 Bearings Blue

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Bullseye ABEC 7 Bearings Blue

  • 4 bearings included per pack
  • ABEC 7 rated
  • Black steel bearing shell
  • Blue bearing shield

Bullseye bearings have been a hidden gem in the pro scooter community for quite some time now. This cheap bearing option is one that many pro riders prefer. These bearings pack a big bunch for the cost. If you're a scooter rider that likes to do big drops while street scootering or just destroys bearings at the skate park often, then Bullseye bearings might be something to think about. These scooter bearings come in all sorts of colors which we've always thought was really neat! The reason these bearings are so cheap is due to their lack of packaging. These bearings come in small plastic tubes. But, if you aren't doing an unboxing of this product and don't care too much about packaging, these might be the bearing for you!

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