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Envy 2 Bolt Oversized Clamp

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Envy 2 Bolt Oversized Clamp

  • Weight: 3.1 oz
  • CNC'd aluminum construction
  • IHC & HIC compatible
  • Etched Envy logo on clamp front
  • Clamp, clamp shim, 6mm clamp bolts included
  • Clamp shim included
  • Available in black, oil slick, chrome, teal, green & red
The Envy 2 Bolt Oversized Clamp has become a household name in the scooter world. But did you know you can get single parts from the Prodigy as well? The Envy Prodigy double clamp is a lightweight and long-lasting clamp that won't break the bank. This clamp has proven time and time again to be worthy for any rider whether you're on the Envy pro team or it's your dream to one day become a pro rider yourself.

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