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Envy Prodigy X

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Envy Prodigy X

  • Weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Recommended skill level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Foot space: 13.58"
  • 24.4" tall x 22" wide aluminum Reaper-style bars
  • 5" wide x 19.5" long deck dimensions
  • Oversized Z Clamp w/ 6mm bolts
  • Diamond IHC Aluminum fork
  • IHC Compression system
  • Envy Integrated headset with new Low Stack compression headset cap
  • 160mm TPR Grips
  • 83.5° head tube angle
  • 120mm x 26mm Envy Sector Wheels
  • Available in 6 different color ways

The Prodigy X is the tenth series in Envy's Prodigy line. Envy has kept some of the Prodigy's classic features including the aluminum reaper-style bars, TPR grips and Diamond IHC forks. The rest of the scooter got a complete overhaul with some MAJOR upgrades. The Envy Prodigy X has an all-new deck extrusion which has a lower profile, wider internal walls and a boxier construction due to the high responsive concave. The Prodigy X head tube has also been redesigned and has more contact with the deck, an additional cutout to conserve weight and a new streamlined profile. Envy took note of the constant request for a wider deck...and they delivered. The Prodigy X comes in at 5" wide x 19.5" long making it the widest park scooter in the Prodigy line to date. Attached to the rear of the new deck is the new V2 Nylon brake which also lost a little bit of meat making the scooter that much lighter. The all new Low stack headset compression cap was designed to eliminate one of the steps when assembling the front end of the scooter and tightening the compression. This scooter also features a new double clamp called the 'Z' clamp which has 6mm bolts and is oversized as well as standard bar compatible (shim sold separately). The final upgrade that this scooter got was the all new Sector wheels. Coming in at 120mm x 26mm, these wheels feature Envy's latest PU formula making the Prodigy X the fast and smooth ride that so many riders depend on. With all of these new upgrades, this scooter comes in at ONLY 7.2 POUNDS!! This is most definitely one of the most impressive out-of-the-box scooters we have ever seen here at Scooter Zone. If you want something a little bit bigger, make sure to check out the new Prodigy X Street Edition as well. The Prodigy legacy continues!


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