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Envy Scooter Wax

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Envy Scooter Wax

  • 3" x 3" cube wax
  • Black wax color
  • For use on ledges, rails and/or curbs
Grinding is a massive part of scootering whether you're learning how to do your first tricks or you've been riding for 10+ years. We all remember waxing up a curb to no end and hopping on there to see how far we could get that feeble. We've also all been to a park or street spot that DESPERATELY needs a fresh coat of wax on a rail and/or ledge. Having a cube of this Envy wax will make you look like Superman when you and your friends are sticking on a grinding surface. Grab some of this wax, chuck it in your bag and we can just about guarantee you'll thank yourself later!

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