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Ethic Pandemonium V2 Boxed Deck

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Ethic Pandemonium V2 Boxed Deck

  • Weight: 500mm (19.7") - 1150 g (2.53 lbs) ; 540mm (21.3") - 1190 g (2.62 lbs) ; 580mm (22.8") - 1250 g (2.75 lbs)
  • 5.51" wide (140mm)
  • Available in 500mm (19.7"), 540mm (21.3") & 580mm (22.8") long versions
  • 83° head tube angle
  • Boxed rear end with 7075 aluminum deck ends
  • 8 STD compatible (NOT 12 STD COMPATIBLE)
  • Up to 120mm x 26mm wheel compatible
  • Torx n°40 axles (wrench included)
  • Includes Ethic fender & full Ethic 8 STD brake
  • Grip tape included
  • Available in black anodized and raw brushed color ways

Ethic just introduced the long-awaited Pandemonium V2. This is the first ever rendition of the Pandemonium that has a boxed rear end. The boxed end decks comes with 7075 aluminum deck ends.

This deck was analyzed at every angle during its creation with one thing in mind...weight reduction. The Pandemonium V2 boxed deck comes in at 5.51" wide (140mm) and it is also stronger than the V1 model Pandemonium. This deck went from a 6061 aluminum construction to a 6082 aluminum which is slightly stronger than 6061 series. The Pandemonium is now compatible with up to 120mm wheels and comes with both a fender as well as a full 8 STD brake. Another thing that we weren't expecting with the Pandemonium V2 deck was the torx axles. Ethic claims these axles are far stronger and are less susceptible to stripping while tightening. Ethic recommends a 25 Nm torque rating when tightening this new axle to extend the deck's longevity.

This deck comes in three color ways including black, raw & Ethic's all new chrome blue color way. If you prefer a boxed end deck, Ethic just released this deck in a boxed version as well which is available here at TheScooterZone.com. Get one of the most beautiful decks we've ever seen today at Scooter Zone!

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