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North Jonas Johnson Signature Wheels 115mm x 30mm

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North Jonas Johnson Signature Wheels 115mm x 30mm

  • Weight: 11.7 oz
  • 115mm x 30mm wheel size
  • 88A urethan hardness
  • Dark red urethan color
  • Black core with white "Block" graphic
  • North ABEC9 bearings included
  • Lifetime warranty on dehubbing and/or chunking through North Scooters

The Jonas Johnson signature scooter wheel is one of the nicest scooter wheels we've seen. This 115mm x 30mm scooter wheel comes in an awesome deep red urethane and performs incredibly. More about these scooter wheels in Jonas's own words; " My signature wheel design is a block print I did a couple years ago. The block print was inspired by the grain structures of a local rock in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan called “Kona Dolomite.” The figures on the urethane were inspired by clips in my unreleased GS2- San Francisco video, drawn by Jess Neimi @sirjess.neimi". If you're looking to get one of the best scooter wheels in scootering, grab your Jonas Johnson signature wheels today at Scooter Zone!

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