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S1 Pro Knee Pads - Gen 4.5

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S1 Pro Knee Pads - Gen 4.5

  • Lightweight and comfortable Pad design 
  • Military grade Nylon for high durability
  • Form Fitting Memory foam Knee Cup for shock absorption and stability
  • Triple Stitch Design 
  • Replaceable PC Knee Cap 
  • Butterfly Back Flaps for a secure fit
  • Adjustable Locking Velcro Straps for comfortable fit
  • Refer to size chart for proper fit

S1 Pro Knee Pads...the long awaited and highly anticipated knee pads made by S1. These knee pads were developed and tested by S1 for a good amount of time and they made sure that they satisfied everyones needs when it came to wearing good quality knee pads that last. With their high grade nylon, triple stitch design, and butterfly straps, these pads are sure to last a very long time and be able to take all sorts of different impact when riding. The PC Knee Cap is replaceable which allows the rider to keep their knee pads and just get new caps as opposed to having to buy a whole new pair of pads. These pads are very high quality and are able to take a lot of impact and be under a lot of pressure while still maintaining the comfortable, sleek, form fitting shape. 

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