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SZ Sketch Drawstring Bag

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SZ Sketch Drawstring Bag

  • Black bag color
  • SZ Sketch logo in mint
  • Black rope straps
  • 14" x 18" bag size
  • Zippered front pocket 14"W x 13"H
  • Contrasting black reinforced corners

The Scooter Zone drawstring bag is the perfect bag to throw your scooter tools, extra wheels, bearings, grips, bar ends or any other small scooter accessories in whether you're going to get a session at the skatepark or if you're riding through the streets for the day. This bag is lightweight enough to where it won't hurt your back, but it is also strong enough to hold plenty of goodies in there so you don't have to stuff your pockets. The front zipper pocket helps separate anything you don't want mixing like snacks, phone, air pods, etc. Get your SZ sketch drawstring bag today!

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