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Tilt Method Deck

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Tilt Method Deck

  • Weight: 3.93lbs
  • 6.2" wide x 22.2" long deck dimensions
  • 6061-T6 aluminum deck construction
  • 3D Machined headtube
  • Welded fender & dropouts
  • Bottom deck cutout to conserve weight
  • Compatible with up to 120mm x 30mm wheels (24mm spacers included. 30mm wheels compatible without spacers installed)
  • M8 x 54mm length axle included

The Method Deck is a unique part of Tilt’s Stage III collection that showcases an experimental, convex bottom. Unlike other convex scooter decks, Tilt's convex is tangential and flush to the dropouts. In simpler terms, this deck has a flat center and smooth, convex curves on the sides that flow seamlessly from the middle section, mimicking a well-worn deck. Even the cutout bottom, which gives the deck more flex and pop, has smooth edges to minimize hangup during grinds. The replaceable fixed fender bolts on seamlessly, unlike any adjustable fender. Fewer catches and more sliding, the Method Deck loves grinds and slappies just as much as you do.

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